‘I Have Healed The Blind And The Cripple – Majid – GhGossip

‘I Have Healed The Blind And The Cripple – Majid

‘I Have Healed The Blind And The Cripple – Majid

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Handsome Ghanaian actor, Majid Michel has disclosed that ever since he became born again, God ha been using him as a vessel to heal people from their afflictions.

Speaking to Bola Ray on Starr Chat, Majid said:

“I have healed so many people, from blindness, paralysis and others in Kenya, Uganda, Cameroun, Sierra Leone and even in Ghana recently. People got healed, sicknesses go.”

“People with blindness, rotten eyes and others have received their healing. I don’t do the work myself; if it’s the will of God it will happen.”

“I went for audition and I actually failed the audition, I couldn’t act, I thought it was easy but I couldn’t so I had to go to school to learn it because I was passionate about acting”.

“Time is a currency, whatever you spend your time on, it is whatever you’ve bought. Time is not wasted, time is spent. Money is not wasted, money circulates but time is spent”.