‘I Don’t Like Handsome Men’- Says Ghanaian Actress

‘I Don’t Like Handsome Men’- Says Ghanaian Actress

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When it comes to what woman wants in men, the answer is not definite. According to Ghanaian actress Yvonne Okoro, looks is not one of the criteria she looks out for when selecting a man.

One would have thought Yvonne’s striking looks will make her get drawn to handsome men but on the contrary she says she prefers a man with a ‘good heart and a soul.’

The actress and producer made this known when she was replying a fan on Twitter who said she was praying for her and Yvonne Nelson to get handsome men to marry.

She said:

Thank you, darling. But I don’t like handsome men…look is the last thing I look at…He has to have a HEART and a SOUL.

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