3 Reasons Why Sarkodie Dissed Patapaa In ‘Meyɛ Guy’ Remix Song (+VIDEO) – GhGossip

3 Reasons Why Sarkodie Dissed Patapaa In ‘Meyɛ Guy’ Remix Song (+VIDEO)

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Sarkodie raised a few eyebrows when he gave Patapaa his piece of mind in Ypee’s Meyɛ Guy Remix Song. Ghanaians think the gulf of difference between the two shouldn’t have warranted an attack from the rap maestro.

In Sarkodie‘s verse, he rapped about how successful he has become despite his poor
beginning and later professed that Patapaa would have performed at his funeral if he
had not made it in life.

This got everyone talking and trying to decipher the reason behind his attack on the One Corner hitmaker. Well, after a careful analyses, I’ve realized the reason why Sarkodie aimed those shots at him.

#1. One Corner made too much noise and it stopped other Ghanaian music to gain attention

No two ways about this! One Corner became like a kind of virus that infected anyone it came in contact with. It was this same period that Sarkodie released his fifth studio album The Highest. One Corner suppressed that album.

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